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Anaheim Aces

Notable Alumni
Lloyd Brown
Burt Shepard
Anaheim Overall Record
55 - 82 (1 Season)
La Palma Park
A Brief History of the Anaheim Aces
The Anaheim Aces played for one season and were one of the eight original teams in the California League in 1941 as a San Diego Padres (PCL) affiliate. The Aces finished 4th place in the second half of the season earning them a spot in the playoffs. Despite winning the first game of the series against the first place Fresno Cardinals, the Aces lost the next three and were eliminated from the playoffs. After the 1941 season, the Anaheim franchise folded. The Anaheim Valencias of the Sunset League played in 1947 and the beginning of 1948 before moving to San Bernardino in June. Professional baseball did not return to the city of Anaheim until 1966 when the California Angels moved in from Los Angeles.


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