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California League Team Photos

This is an ongoing project of trying to find a team photo from every team and every season of the California League. Some of these photos have come from my personal collection such as team photo giveaways and pictures from programs and yearbooks, while others have come from newspaper clippings, historical societies, current California League Team's files, and internet searches. 

The galleries are organized by city. Click on the city and a separate Flickr page will open with team photos.


Anaheim Aces (1941)


Bakersfield Badgers (1941-1942), Bakersfield Indians (1946-1955), Bakersfield Boosters (1956), Bakersfield Bears (1957-1967), Bakersfield Dodgers (1968-1975), Bakersfield Outlaws (1978-1979), Bakersfield Mariners (1982-1983), Bakersfield Dodgers (1984-1994), and Bakersfield Blaze (1995-2016)


Channel Cities 

Channel Cities Oilers (1954-1955)


Fresno Cardinals (1941-1942, 1946-1956), Fresno Sun Sox (1957), Fresno Giants (1958-1987), and Fresno Suns (1988)

High Desert

High Desert Mavericks (1991-2016)

Inland Empire (San Bernardino)

San Bernardino Stars (1941), San Bernardino Spirit (1987-1995), San Bernardino Stampede (1996-2002), and Inland Empire 66ers (2003-Present)

Lake Elsinore

Lake Elsinore Storm (1994-Present)


Lancaster JetHawks (1996-Present)

Las Vegas

Las Vegas Wranglers (1958)


Lodi Crushers (1966-1969), Lodi Padres (1970-1971), Lodi Orions (1972), Lodi Lions (1973), Lodi Orioles (1974-1975), Lodi Dodgers (1976-1983), and Lodi Crushers (1984)


Modesto Reds (1946-1961), Modesto Colts (1962-1964), Modesto Reds (1966-1974), Modesto A's (1975-2004), and Modesto Nuts (2005-Present)

Palm Springs

Palm Springs Angels (1986-1993)

Rancho Cucamonga

Rancho Cucamonga Quakes (1993-Present)


Redwood Pioneers (1980-1985)


Reno Silver Sox (1955-1964, 1966-1981), Reno Padres (1982-1987), and Reno Silver Sox (1988-1992)


Riverside Reds (1941), Riverside Red Wave (1988-1990), and Riverside Pilots (1993-1995)


Salinas Packers (1954-1958), Salinas Mets (1963-1964), Salinas Indians (1965), Salinas Packers (1973-1975), Salinas Angels (1976-1980), and Salinas Spurs (1982-1987, 1989-1992)

San Bernardino (Inland Empire)

San Bernardino Stars (1941), San Bernardino Spirit (1987-1995), San Bernardino Stampede (1996-2002), and Inland Emprire 66ers (2003-Present)

San Jose

San Jose Owls (1942), San Jose Red Sox (1947-1955), San Jose JoSox (1956-1957), San Jose Pirates (1958), San Jose Bees (1962-1976), San Jose Missions (1979-1981), San Jose Expos (1982), San Jose Bees (1983-1987), and San Jose Giants (1988-Present)


Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Saints (1941-1942), Santa Barbara Dodgers (1946-1953), Santa Barbara Rancheros (1962-1963), and Santa Barbara Dodgers (1964-1967)

Santa Clara

Santa Clara Padres (1979)

Stockton (Mudville)

Stockton Fliers (1941), Stockton Ports (1946-1972), Stockton Mariners (1978), Stockton Ports (1979-1999), Mudville Nine (2000-2001), and Stockton Ports (2002-Present)


Ventura Yankees (1947-1949), Ventura Braves (1950-1952), Ventura Oilers (1953), and Ventura County Gulls (1986)

Visalia (Central Valley)

Visalia Cubs (1946-1952), Visalia Stars (1953), Visalia Cubs (1954-1956), Visalia Redlegs (1957-1959), Visalia A's (1960-1961), Visalia White Sox (1962), Visalia Mets (1968-1975), Visalia Oaks (1977-1992), Central Valley Rockies (1993-1994), Visalia Oaks (1995-2008), and Visalia Rawhide (2009-Present)


California League All-Star Teams


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