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California League Umpires

Just as Minor League baseball players are trying to make it to The Show, Umpires are also using the Minor Leagues as a stepping stone to try and earn a spot as a Major League umpire. The Califronia League was the first league in Minor League baseball to honor an Umpire yearly. The Umpire of the Year Award was named the Doug Harvey Award after Hall of Fame umpire Doug Harvey, who umpired in the Majors for more than 30 seasons as well as in the California League from 1958 to 1960. The recipient of this award was determined by votes from the Cal League Managers and was first awarded in 2010 and ended after 2019. 

Doug Harvey Award

2019 - Trevor Dannegger

2018 - Darius Ghani

2017 - Mike Rains

2016- Patrick Sharshel

2015- Reid Gibbs

2014- Sean Allen

2013- Ronnie Teague

2012- Chris Gonzalez

2011- Ryan Goodman

2010- Blake Davis

List of California League Umpires


Below is a list of California League Umpires organized by season. Use the search bar to search for specific names and years. This list is an ongoing research project and is not a complete list of California League Umpires.  

California League Umpires by Year


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