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California League Memorabilia

The photos in this section include a variety of different California League Memorabilia all from my personal collection, including programs, scorebooks, pocket schedules, ticket stubs, and more! 

Click on the city and a separate Flickr page will open with memorabilia photos.


Anaheim Aces (1941)


Bakersfield Badgers (1941-1942), Bakersfield Indians (1946-1955), Bakersfield Boosters (1956), Bakersfield Bears (1957-1967), Bakersfield Dodgers (1968-1975), Bakersfield Outlaws (1978-1979), Bakersfield Mariners (1982-1983), Bakersfield Dodgers (1984-1994), and Bakersfield Blaze (1995-2016)


Channel Cities 

Channel Cities Oilers (1954-1955)


Fresno Cardinals (1941-1942, 1946-1956), Fresno Sun Sox (1957), Fresno Giants (1958-1987), and Fresno Suns (1988)

High Desert

High Desert Mavericks (1991-2016)

Inland Empire (San Bernardino)

San Bernardino Stars (1941), San Bernardino Spirit (1987-1995), San Bernardino Stampede (1996-2002), and Inland Empire 66ers (2003-Present)

Lake Elsinore

Lake Elsinore Storm (1994-Present)


Lancaster JetHawks (1996-Present)

Las Vegas

Las Vegas Wranglers (1958)


Lodi Crushers (1966-1969), Lodi Padres (1970-1971), Lodi Orions (1972), Lodi Lions (1973), Lodi Orioles (1974-1975), Lodi Dodgers (1976-1983), and Lodi Crushers (1984)


Modesto Reds (1946-1961), Modesto Colts (1962-1964), Modesto Reds (1966-1974), Modesto A's (1975-2004), and Modesto Nuts (2005-Present)

Palm Springs

Palm Springs Angels (1986-1993)

Rancho Cucamonga

Rancho Cucamonga Quakes (1993-Present)


Redwood Pioneers (1980-1985)


Reno Silver Sox (1955-1964, 1966-1981), Reno Padres (1982-1987), and Reno Silver Sox (1988-1992)


Riverside Reds (1941), Riverside Red Wave (1988-1990), and Riverside Pilots (1993-1995)


Salinas Packers (1954-1958), Salinas Mets (1963-1964), Salinas Indians (1965), Salinas Packers (1973-1975), Salinas Angels (1976-1980), and Salinas Spurs (1982-1987, 1989-1992)

San Bernardino (Inland Empire)

San Bernardino Stars (1941), San Bernardino Spirit (1987-1995), San Bernardino Stampede (1996-2002), and Inland Emprire 66ers (2003-Present)

San Jose

San Jose Owls (1942), San Jose Red Sox (1947-1955), San Jose JoSox (1956-1957), San Jose Pirates (1958), San Jose Bees (1962-1976), San Jose Missions (1979-1981), San Jose Expos (1982), San Jose Bees (1983-1987), and San Jose Giants (1988-Present)


Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Saints (1941-1942), Santa Barbara Dodgers (1946-1953), Santa Barbara Rancheros (1962-1963), and Santa Barbara Dodgers (1964-1967)

Santa Clara

Santa Clara Padres (1979)

Stockton (Mudville)

Stockton Fliers (1941), Stockton Ports (1946-1972), Stockton Mariners (1978), Stockton Ports (1979-1999), Mudville Nine (2000-2001), and Stockton Ports (2002-Present)


Ventura Yankees (1947-1949), Ventura Braves (1950-1952), Ventura Oilers (1953), and Ventura County Gulls (1986)

Visalia (Central Valley)

Visalia Cubs (1946-1952), Visalia Stars (1953), Visalia Cubs (1954-1956), Visalia Redlegs (1957-1959), Visalia A's (1960-1961), Visalia White Sox (1962), Visalia Mets (1968-1975), Visalia Oaks (1977-1992), Central Valley Rockies (1993-1994), Visalia Oaks (1995-2008), and Visalia Rawhide (2009-Present)


California League Memorabilia (Non Team Specific)


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