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Las Vegas Wranglers

Las Vegas Memorabilia
Las Vegas Overall Record
*Combined with San Jose Pirates*
54 - 81 (1 Season)
(14-18 as San Jose Pirates; 40-63 as Las Vegas Wranglers)
Cashman Field
Notable Alumni
Bob Veale
Tom Butters
Bob Lee
Jim Campbell
A Brief History of the Las Vegas Wranglers
The San Jose Pirates were faced with financial troubles early in the 1958 season, in part due to the Giants moving in to nearby San Francisco. On May 26, 1958, when the San Jose Pirates were unable to make payroll, the California League transferred the San Jose franchise to Las Vegas, Nevada. Las Vegas chose the name 'Wranglers' which they had used the previous season in the Arizona-Mexico League. The Las Vegas Wranglers were only able to draw 6,142 fans in 40 home games and withdrew from the league following the 1958 season. 
*The San Jose franchise transferred to Las Vegas on May 26, 1958 
(14-18 as San Jose Pirates; 40-63 as Las Vegas Wranglers)


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