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1954-1958, 1963-1965, 1973-1980, 

1982-1987, 1989-1992


Salinas Team Photos
Salinas Packers
Salinas Mets
Salinas Indians
Salinas Packers
Salinas Angels
Salinas Spurs
1982-1987, 1989-1992
Salinas Overall Record
1,701 - 1,936 (26 Seasons)
Salinas Municipal Stadium
Cal League MVP
Most Valuable Player
John Balaz - 1973
Thad Bosley - 1976
Cal League MOY
Manager of the Year
Del Crandall - 1976
Cal League ROY
Rookie of the Year
Dick Selma - 1963
Notable Alumni
Mike Witt
Omar Vizquel
Dick Lawless
Joe Maddon
Phil Cavaretta
A Brief History of Salinas Teams
After the 1953 season, the Ventura and Santa Barbara franchises combined into one team which left an spot open for the 1954 season. That spot was granted to Salinas and they adopted the name 'Packers'. The Packers took home the Cal League title in 1957 for the lone Championship in Salinas history. Following the 1958 season the Las Vegas Wranglers folded and the California League reduced it's number of teams from 8 to 6 and Salinas was the team voted out. Cal League baseball returned to Salinas in 1963 when the Visalia franchise moved into town. After the 1965 season, the Salinas team folded. In 1973 Stockton dropped out of the league and their spot was given to Salinas who revived the name 'Packers' once again. From 1976 to 1980 Salinas was known as the 'Angels' to match their Major League affiliate. After the 1980 season, the California Angels moved their affiliation to the Redwood Pioneers, leaving Salinas without an affiliate, forcing them to sit out for the 1981 season. Salinas worked out an agreement with the Chicago Cubs and returned to the Cal League as the Salinas Spurs in 1982. The Salinas franchise moved to Riverside and became the 'Red Wave' following the 1987 season. After just one season without a team Cal League baseball returned when the Fresno Suns moved into town and became the 'Salinas Spurs'. After the conclusion of the 1992 season, team owners moved the team to San Bernardino.    


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